Construction Update on the Community Fishery Center

We are happy to announce that the Fishery Community Center under construction on Sumbawa is almost complete! As discussed previously, this mini plant (so-named MP-1) serves as the manifestation of our commercially sponsored and community-based [...]

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Catch Us on the FIP Side

This weekend marks the start of the 2017 Seafood Expo North America (SENA) in Boston, Massachusetts. SENA is North America’s largest seafood exposition, with thousands of buyers and suppliers from around the world traveling to [...]

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North Atlantic Inc. Announces Partnership with FishWise

  North Atlantic, Inc. announces partnership with nonprofit FishWise to work on supply chain sustainability and transparency North Atlantic, Inc. (NAI) and our subsidiary, Bali Seafood International (BSI), announced today a new partnership with FishWise, [...]

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So who is this Michael Arbuckle?

How would you describe your role with NAI-BSI? I am a Director and stockholder of NAI-BSI.  That means ensuring, along with my fellow directors and staff, that NAI-BSI is profitable and sustainable to its stock [...]

What to know about seafood focused foundations and non-profits

The range of non-profit organizations working on seafood projects can make for a confusing landscape. We wanted to lay out some of the main players on both the funding and project side to give you a better understanding of [...]

Bill Stride featured at Publix sustainabile seafood forum

Bill Stride presented our progress on the community based fishery management project at the Publix sustainable seafood forum last week. Bill was the only seafood vendor representative asked to present, providing insight around responsible seafood supply chain [...]