Construction progress tracker: 92%

Processing facility structure update

Bali Seafood is nearing completion on the factory in Sumbawa island. Internally, the facility is called MP-1. As in mini-plant 1. As has been discussed elsewhere, BSI has incubated an integrated model which ties together commercial sponsorship with community based fisheries management. The hub of this complex is called a Fisheries Community Center. And the factory is the nucleus of the Fisheries Community Center.

We have plenty of work still to do, but getting closer to completion has given everyone a bit of urgency with operations staffing targets and supply chain planning, but we are optimistic that we will be freezing high quality, handline caught fish by the end of April 2017.

Breaking ground in March of this year, we’re excited to see the project picking up steam. Mashuda and Alex have been hard at work on site coordinating with the construction crew. The results are there.

To the right, you can see progress as of September 22, 2016. The foundation is poured, the frame is up and siding and roofing is underway. This image shows the fish processing facility. We’ll also be putting up a gear shop, ice factory, gear shop, education center and micro-finance center. Below you’ll find the site layout, a mock-up photo of the Center and position on the island (click here for a peak of where exactly Sumbawa is in the world).

Building in Sumbawa isn’t without its challenges. Whether its fresh water access or not putting too much stress on the electrical grid, there are certainly obstacles along the way. Our Bali team members have been regular MacGyvers to get this done.


Processing facility structure under construction


Where we are on Sumbawa


Pier construction site orientation to the bay

Fishery Community Center site layout

A rendering of the finished Fishery Community Center

We’re on pace to finish the first Fishery Community Center in Q1 of 2017. Once the facility is up and running, we will be processing fish caught from the small-boat fleet with traceability hardware on-board. Stay tuned for further updates.