The range of conversations around responsible harvesting and fishery sustainability efforts can be scattered and confusing. That’s why we wanted to dive into a component of the discussion we’re close to today: fishery improvement projects (FIPs). Let’s take a look at what they are, which ones we source from and where you can find good resources to learn more about FIPs.

What exactly is a FIP?

A FIP is a commitment by seafood industry members to make improvements in a fishery. Pioneered by Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), the model engages members of the supply chain, non-profits and the science community.

There are two types of FIPs: basic and comprehensive. Both FIPs are scoped according to Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standards, as they are intended to address environmental challenges in the fishery. A comprehensive FIP is created to achieve MSC certification. Many FIPs are in areas of the world where MSC certification is not available.

While a number of FIPs are initiated with the support of a non-profit, the goal is to move FIP responsibilities to the seafood companies that depend on the fishery. Together, producers, buyers and suppliers have a vested interest in driving improvements around how the fishery is harvested and managed. We want to invest in the health of a fishery to ensure we can sustainably meet growing demand.

How does North Atlantic, Inc. (NAI) and PT Bali Seafood International (BSI) invest in FIPs?

We currently source from three FIPs:

SFP developed a framework for evaluating FIP progress. To understand the evaluation process, check out the FIP Progress Ratings: A standardized tool for evaluating FIP Progress.

Along with other members of the supply chain, we participate in supply chain roundtables to discuss FIP progress and areas of focus. Roundtables are coordinated by SFP. The roundtables are organized by region and species on their website. If you click through to Fisheries Improvement, you’ll see a link to Supply Chain Roundtables. Here you can read up on the goals of roundtables to get a better idea of what we’re trying to achieve. Scroll down and you’ll see links to the roundtables. You can learn more about the roundtables we attend by clicking the Indonesia Snapper and Grouper SR, the Indonesia Tuna and Large Pelagics SR or the Global Fresh and Frozen Tuna Supply SR.

Where can you find more information on FIPs?

Fisheries Improvement Indonesia
The Fishery Improvement Directory
The Fisheries Improvement section on Sustainable Fishery Partnership’s website
FIP Progress Ratings: A standardized tool for evaluating FIP Progress
Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions’ Guidelines for Supporting Fishery Improvement Projects
Our FIP page in the sustainability section