North Atlantic, Inc. announces partnership with nonprofit FishWise to work on supply chain sustainability and transparency North Atlantic, Inc.
(NAI) and our subsidiary, Bali Seafood International (BSI), announced today a new partnership with FishWise, a California-based nonprofit sustainable seafood consultancy focused on improving the environmental and social performance of seafood supply chains. This partnership aims to further advance and communicate NAI/BSI’s commitment to sustainable and socially responsible seafood while exploring new opportunities to expand our influence in the industry.

Uniquely positioned between the seafood industry and marine conservation organizations, FishWise offers a range of services that empower businesses and a diverse community of collaborators to lead the transition to a more environmentally and socially responsible seafood industry. FishWise partners with leading seafood retailers, distributors, and producers and is a founding member of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions, a network of conservation organizations collaborating with businesses to tackle major seafood sustainability challenges.

As we mentioned in our earlier blog on seafood nonprofits and foundations, we have been closely following FishWise’s work. Recognizing the important impact a partnership with them could provide, we decided to pursue a closer collaboration. By capitalizing on FishWise’s expertise and network in North America, this partnership seeks to create market recognition for the on-the-ground impact NAI/BSI is developing and ensure fishermen are rewarded for participating in community-based fisheries management.

“North Atlantic has been a trusted vendor to our retail partners for many years and we are excited to begin working with them more formally,” said William Wall, FishWise Distributor Division Director. “We at FishWise are always aiming to create and promote progressive sustainability leaders. North Atlantic’s ambition is unique —they are taking direct responsibility for the wellbeing of the community in which they operate and are developing mechanisms for lasting change, which we’re keen to communicate given the potential for these efforts to serve as a model for other companies.”

The first step in the partnership is for FishWise to conduct a third-party baseline review of our seafood products. Since any strong analysis starts with strong data, North Atlantic will work with FishWise to collectively dive into our products’ Key Data Elements (KDEs). KDEs are the “who, what, where, and when of a seafood product as it moves through…the supply chain.” These KDEs are critical for tracking product origins and measuring progress.

North Atlantic is committed to a traceable and transparent supply chain. Our work with Traceall Global and Pelagic Data Systems has already begun improving data collection on the water, and we look forward to bringing more of this information to you in the coming months through increased engagement with FishWise in various global transparency initiatives.

“North Atlantic is already demonstrating its leadership in commercially sponsored seafood sustainability and social responsibility efforts,” said Bill Stride, CEO of North Atlantic. “We are excited to share our commitments more publicly and work with FishWise to prioritize future work with our new partnership.”