SeaWeb Seafood Summit: Recap

 June marked the 14th annual SeaWeb Seafood Summit, taking place this year in Barcelona, Spain. The Seafood Summit brings together stakeholders throughout the seafood industry to discuss the most timely challenges in the journey to make seafood a responsible, sustainable industry. Though NAI couldn’t attend this year, we still kept tabs on some of the most noteworthy highlights.

Opening Plenary

Kicking off the Summit, the opening plenary this year focused on the state of seafood sustainability, offering an overall positive view while giving advice on how NGOs, businesses, and others can more efficiently work together to solve the most pressing issues facing the industry today. Specifically, the panel addressed the idea of “project-based” work, emphasizing the need for more collaboration instead of overlapping, siloed efforts seeking to achieve the same goals.

The speakers of the opening plenary






Social Responsibility

One of the main focuses–and rightly so– of this year’s Summit was social responsibility in seafood. This is an issue North Atlantic takes to heart, and we were thrilled to see multiple panels and presentations on this topic. Our NGO partner FishWise led a plenary session on worker voice, the ability of employees to freely and safely express their concerns and opinions, and Conservation International led the closing plenary on industry commitments to human rights and fair labor practices.


Plenary speakers for ‘Building Socially Responsible Seafood Supply

Chains Through Worker Voice’, moderated by FishWise




Improvement Projects

Fortunately, the ethos around improving seafood production systems is growing throughout the global seafood industry. However, there are still many barriers (financial, technical, social) for a critical mass of stakeholders to go out and engage deeply in supply chain improvement efforts. NAI was pleased to see a full panel of familiar faces we collaborate with regularly tackling this issue through a discussion on the state of improvement projects.

 Seafood Champion Awards

We were thrilled to see our own Jerry Knecht nominated and chosen as a finalist for the 2018 SeaWeb Seafood Champion Award in the Innovation category. This prestigious award recognized a total of 17 finalists across four categories (Innovation, Leadership, Vision, and Advocacy). We would like to congratulate fellow Sea Pact member Guy Dean from Albion Farms and Fisheries for taking home top accolades in the Leadership category, as well as all other finalists and winners. A notable takeaway from this year’s awards is the fact that three of the four winners represent companies, showing that businesses are leading the charge in seafood sustainability.

2018 Seafood Champions