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Paul Hilton - ILCP
Paul Hilton - ICLP
Wild-caught seafood from the exotic, warm waters of Southeast Asia.

We have been working for more than 30 years to innovate seafood supply chains around the world to deliver fresher, higher quality and responsibly harvested seafood to our customers. We are unique in that we have built a network of ‘boots-on-the-ground’ offices in our primary resource market - Southeast Asia.

We’ve gained invaluable experience by operating production facilities, building sustainable supply chains, working with small-boat artisanal fishermen and influencing our supply partners to invest forward in more sustainable ways to protect fishery ecology and deliver ethical seafood to consumers.

While the majority of our products are branded by our retail grocery partners, celebrating their commitments to equitable seafood supply chains, we also have our own brands for customers who don’t want to invest in packaging design and marketing.

We sell the highest quality, responsibly harvested seafood to the top 10 US retailers, select food service distributors and commissaries in North America. We know what we’re good at and we excel at it.

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Industry Leadership in South East Asia

Food Safety

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Sustainability & Social Impact

BSI has evolved to be a strategic sourcing office based in Bali. Leveraging the operating experience, deep relationships and cultural nuance of the region BSI has been able to secure the top 20% of wild-caught product coming from places like Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand is constantly looking for supply partners who have an appetite to invest in equitable supply chains that the top retailers in the US require.

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