Social impact & sustainability
Doing well by doing good is proving the economic viability of corporate social responsibility as a good business practice

Fish buyers at US grocery chains and food-service providers aren’t the only ones who’ve taken an interest in our unique approach to sustainability and social impact. Our innovative thinking has also attracted attention from the NGO community e.g. UN/FAO small scale fisheries group. Looking at best practices globally, BSI is able to bring proven solutions to the confluence of resource sustainability, social development, and supply chain rationalization and management.

BSI has been on the ground in Asia now for 10 years. In those 10 years, we have gained an intimate knowledge of how fisheries really work. We continue to work to educate local fishers, build and streamline supply chains, and lead by example. We provide direct access to western markets to those who are willing to meet our handling methods and catch data, and have built a state-of-the-art processing factory for a remote community to function as a model and teaching platform. Working with primarily small scale fishermen we are obliged to “show them” before they are willing to change their unsustainable behavior.