Social Impact
Doing well by doing good proves the economic viability of corporate social responsibility as good business practice

At North Atlantic Inc. (NAI) and PT Bali Seafood International (BSI) we embrace the notion of corporate social responsibility. In fact, we see corporate social responsibility as just plain good business.
That is the philosophy that drives our commercially sponsored fishery management initiative in the regions where we work. It is a far-reaching project aimed at improving the livelihoods of artisanal fisher communities and laying the foundation for enduring sustainability of one of the world’s most bio-diverse marine ecosystems. All while establishing a long-term source of high-grade seafood for our customers.

To that end, the project features:

  • A completely re-engineered supply chain that will help eliminate the estimated 40 to 60 percent waste in product value inherent to the current system, thus raising the value captured to as much as 90-95 percent
  • An estimated 8,000 fishers and fisher families benefiting from services and new jobs through the Sumbawa Center for Seafood Excellence
  • A new Pay-for-Grade compensation system that promotes sustainability, better quality, and has proven to increase fisher income in similar projects
  • Direct access to higher-paying world markets by eliminating predatory middlemen
  • We hope you can join us in helping to prove the concept that with imagination, some business skills, and an ethos of responsibility, companies can indeed do well by doing good.