Market Access
Opening the door to markets half a world away delivers more value to every fishery participant.

Reliable data and the fishery management decisions the data informs are critical pieces in any fishery sustainability effort. In addition to these components, catch methods also play a fundamental role in maintaining healthy fish stocks.

That’s why we source products from fishers using responsible catch methods that a) help prevent overfishing and b) are gentle on the marine environment.

To move away from harmful practices today, we insist that fishers we buy from in Indonesia use hook and line fishing gear. No trawls, which disturb the fishery’s ecosystem and subject it to environmental damage and unnecessary and wasteful by-catch. Nor do we accept products from fishers using explosives. We advocate our supply partners become a catalyst (and financiers) to replace harmful second-hand industrial fishing gear that is all too common today in the artisanal fleet in Southeast Asia.